Dr Sachin Modi

Dr Sachin Modi

Dr Sachin Modi completed his undergraduate training at St Georges’ – University Of London in 2007.  Following specialist clinical and interventional radiology training in the West Midlands, UK, He undertook a fellowship in interventional radiology/oncology at the renowned McGill University, Montreal, Canada before being appointed as an interventional radiologist at University Hospital Southampton in 2015.

Sachins primary passion is interventional oncology and specialist expertise is in innovative liver directed treatment for primary or metastatic liver cancer. Together with oncology, anaesthetic and surgical colleagues he s part of the worlds largest chemosaturation program for liver metastases.

He plays key role in the chemoembolization (TACE – delivering beads with chemotherapy into liver arteries) and radioembolisation services (SIRT – delivering particles with radiation into liver arteries).

In addition he performs other liver interventions such as percutaneous cholangiography (PTC), with drainage and stenting as well as transhepatic porto systemic shunt (TIPPS) insertion for patients with bleeding varices (varicose veins) or intractable ascites (abnormal fluid in the abdomen).

Dr Modi is also adept in gynaecological and urological embolisation, including uterine artery embolisation (UAE) for uterine fibroids (benign tumours that develop in the wall of the uterus), prostate artery embolisation (PAE) for benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign enlargement of the prostate) and varicocele embolisation for varicoceles (enlarged veins in the scrotum).

As part of the University Hospitals Southampton Vascular team Dr Modi regularly offers vascular interventions including: treatment of bleeding caused by trauma, treatment of peripheral vascular disease, treatment of aneurysms of the aorta and peripheral aneurysms;

Dr Modi is also an expert in diagnostic radiology including the reporting of hepatic, biliary, abdominal and vascular imaging using MRI, CT and ultrasound scans as well as CT/US guided biopsy and drains.

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